JNJ Cabaret in Florida is a cabaret opera, not mastodon and yet it is deceptively large, with a strong presence of passionate volunteers throughout the organization, including the management. Among the musical events, it stands out for its eco-citizenship approach, its openness to different artistic expressions, its atmosphere, and the quality of its diversified programming.

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Welcome to the old-fashioned opera cabaret. Baroque Arts Club.

Held in an intimate venue, JNJ Cabaret’s sophisticated burlesque-style show celebrates music and specializes in the art of dance. During our cabaret’s 60-minute show, spectators are treated to some of the troupe’s most classic routines where professional dancers dress in vintage clothing and uniforms. The site also welcomes new artists created by personalities such as famous stars.

You can book tickets for shows in advance or enhance your experience to include VIP extras such as champagne and appetizers. You can also organize a visit here with dinner before or after the show. What you need to know before you go to dress respectfully. Ties and jackets are not mandatory, but shorts, sneakers, and sportswear are not allowed. Performances contain partial nudity and may not be suitable for children.

For the ultimate indulgence, please sit at a private VIP booth to sip champagne and caviar snacks during the show. Seats are bookable. They are assigned and allocated the night of the show. JNJ Cabaret is wheelchair accessible.

Which American cabaret suits you best? The city of Miami is home to several cabaret venues. Only our design is unique in the world.

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Join us for an evening of music and fun with JNJ Cabaret!

You will have the rare opportunity to hear some of the impeccable performers up close, perform their favorite arias, and baroque selections while enjoying cocktails and a full dinner in the magnificent JNJ Opera Cabaret in Florida. You will be greeted by professional dancers from Tango; Classical; Pop and many others.

Valet parking is available and you will be accompanied by an old-fashioned coach. Costumes will be payable according to the theme of the evening.

Tickets will be limited to each show, so visit this web page soon for all opening reservations. On special evenings of cabaret and camaraderie inspired by baroque opera, the world of the 16th century will give you the best of its time and all our dancers and musicians will be at your service. Shows are held twice a night, at 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm, Sunday through Friday; on Saturday, there are three performances: 7:00 pm, 9:30 pm and midnight. Arrive early for the burlesque act preceding the show, which begins 30 minutes before the main performance.

JNJ Cabaret will be everything we expect from musicians of class, and more: magnificent music presented in a well-balanced program, all performed with style, spirit, and dynamism. Irresistible!

Dear associates and friends, you have told me that you like the direction Marcxell Group is taking and I thank you for that. In my capacity as CEO, President and Founder of the Group, I will therefore, for this mandate, assume the leadership of our entrepreneurial adventures on the road to success, confirming the steps already taken; our national and international deployment, which will be accompanied by the distribution of our products and services in a range of markets made infinite by the development of e-commerce, which I am making my hobbyhorse at the head of our Group.

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